Aligning With Spirit

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Psychic & Mediumship, Akashic Records Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Grid Healing, Oracle Card Reader, Meditation Leader, Animal Reiki, Rainbow Bridge Medium, House Clearings, Blessings, and Sacred Ceremonies.
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Doña Olivier is a certified Psychic Medium specializing as an Akashic Records Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Sacred Crystal Grid Healing, Oracle Card Reader, Animal Psychic and Rainbow Bridge communicator along with Chakra Clearings. She teaches classes that expedite personal progress in healing body, mind, and spirit. Through mediumship she facilitates conversation with loved ones who have passed. As a meditation leader she increases connection to the forces of Spirit and nature along life’s journey.

Aligning With Spirit focuses on guidance for understanding the who, why’s, and what’s of this seemingly chaotic journey of life. There are always deeper reasons to the issues that are in our lives. Through Doña’s psychic connection to the collective of divine helpers she brings their insightful messages for understanding, for action needed, and for healing what is in the highest good of the soul. Using the divine guidance, she facilitates release and healing of emotional blocks that no longer serve moving forward. Chakras can be cleared and opened allowing for high frequency energy to freely flow. Her healing work also involves using sacred grids with crystals, offering a visual connection to high frequency energies needed to bring comfort, release, or healing over a period of time. All of her offerings deepen one’s awareness of subtle energies that guide life.

Her mission is to guide others into deepening one’s own awareness of subtle energies and understanding their life journey, lessons, and to offer modes of healing. Knowing can bring direction to align yourself with your true purpose toward living a guided daily life in the power of the human soul you are meant to be at this time of shift.

Connect with her by email and through website. Classes and sessions are offered on-line and some in person. Joining “Opening Doors,” the monthly newsletter, offers tips, insights and special discounts.

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